Curling is a game of skill, traditions, and etiquette. Beginners can learn the basic skills in one of our many Learn-to-Curl sessions and then develop them throughout the season.

Almost as important as the spirit of curling is the tradition of "broomstacking". After completion of the game, team members join their opponents in the lounge to enjoy drinks, conversation, and fellowship. This tradition is as important to the spirit of curling as the game. 

Curling etiquette expects players to demonstrate good sportsmanship, integrity and honesty to ensure games are enjoyable for everyone.  

As one of only four curling venues in Ohio, the CSC Curling Program is proud to continue an over 50-year history of offering this unique and fun sport to the Club. 

Why Curl?

Curling provides great exercise while being a low-impact sport.

The curling community is welcoming and extends across states and nations.

Team composition allows friends and couples to play together.

Age is not a factor. Curlers of all ages play together on teams.


Regular Season (October - March)

We curl on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evenings during the regular season.


Off-Season (April - September)

Curling continues during the off-season on a limited basis.


February 1

 Calcurra Starts

February 5

 Women's Friendly at Mayfield Curling Club

February 15

Fun Friday

March 15

Mixed Friendly at CSC


·         Curlers also participate in "friendly " games with Mayfield Country Club and other Pittsburgh and Columbus clubs throughout the season.