Curling is a game of skill, traditions, and etiquette. Beginners can learn the basic skills in one of our many Learn-to-Curl sessions and then develop them throughout the season.

Almost as important as the spirit of curling is the tradition of "broomstacking". After completion of the game, team members join their opponents in the lounge to enjoy drinks, conversation, and fellowship. This tradition is as important to the spirit of curling as the game. 

Curling etiquette expects players to demonstrate good sportsmanship, integrity and honesty to ensure games are enjoyable for everyone.  

As one of only four curling venues in Ohio, the CSC Curling Program is proud to continue an over 50-year history of offering this unique and fun sport to the Club. 

Why Curl?

It’s easy to learn and fun to play.
You can play as a single or double.
You can keep active during the long winter months.
No additional investment in equipment is required.
The evening finishes with socializing over beverages and often dinner as part of the fun!
In January, Our 54th Annual International Mixed Bonspiel (Tournament) is a fantastic and competitive event that shouldn’t be missed! 


Wednesday Nights 7:30 – 9:30pm Starting October through March: Casual curling mixed with individual competition
Individuals are given points based on game results, ribbons are awarded to winners during the annual curling banquet.

Fun Fridays – 1st , 3rd & 5th Fridays,  7 – 8:30pm followed by Drinks in the Lounge (Stacking the Brooms) and Dinner: Casual curling and socializing.  Many Fridays have a theme or prizes.  A great way to practice skills and enjoy dinner with fellow curlers

Sunday Mixed League Night:  2 Draw times 5:30 – 7:30 OR 7:45 – 9:45
Competitive weekly league curling in the fall.
Set teams with 2 women and 2 men play weekly to qualify for the CSC International Mixed Bonspiel, a 3-day tournament where the party is as much of a draw as the curling!  New Curlers are matched with experienced curlers to learn and have fun.